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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review before contacting if you are new to Turo!

Turo Note: ALL billing is conducted by TURO we never see your card/payment info or the fees that TURO charges you. We set our daily fee and that is all we do. It is like AirBNB for cars!

Can I pickup at one location and return to another?

Yes, just initially input your arrival airport for delivery. Then, AFTER THE TRIP STARTS, Turo allows you to change the location for return.

How does delivery & drop off work?

​The "delivery fee" includes delivery to your airport/location and you returning to that same location. Be sure to input your required delivery location when booking as the app defaults to our free business location. RSW Fort Myers SWFL International: We leave in longterm parking  before you arrive. Key and parking ticket will be in a lock box INSIDE THE CAR in the cup holder. Once we confirm your identity by you uploading license and selfie with the car, code is given. It is a very small airport and the suttle is quick and easy, takes you directly to the car. Not much walking. 

Other airports (Seasonal): Same concept. We leave the car in short/economy/Long Term and give you the location. Once identity is confirmed, you are given the lock box code to access the keys. 


Do I need to purchase Turo insurance?

Check with your full coverage insurance carrier if they cover you during a TURO rental; this is car sharing and not a rental so some companies do not cover you! If no full coverage or your carrier does not cover your rental, HIGHLY recommended to purchase INSURANCE. Same goes for international renters! Purchase the insurance! In case of an accident: I will ask to go through your personal insurance first. If you cannot, I file a claim through Turo and they WILL get the money from you by all means necessary. 


Are there any other hidden fees?

What you see on the checkout page is the final total. We built our business on return customers, so we try to avoid any post-trip fees. We do this by providing very clear instructions via automated messaging at the time of booking and on the listing guidelines. If you smoke anything in our vehicles or we find ashes or weed, you will be charged $150 and banned from Turo. 

Can I add a driver?

YES! Once you book with your account (THE ACCOUNT HOLDER - PRIMARY DRIVER- MUST BE PRESENT TO ACCEPT THE VEHICLE!) you will be able to navigate to the TRIP DETAILS PAGE and click "ADD DRIVER" for free. (THE ADDED DRIVER MUST HAVE THEIR OWN SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESS AND CELL PHONE NUMBER TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH TURO). This sends an email to the additional driver to create a Turo account and be approved to drive. Please do not mess around with this and let unauthorized drivers drive our vehicles. We have seen what happens when unauthorized drivers get into an at-fault accident and Turo does not mess around.  We are here to provide a service to you and be sure your safety and/or finances are not at risk.


Do you rent any extras?

We offer KAYAKS, bikes, coolers, fishing poles, and LOTS more. See the extras section at checkout.  Message us if you do not see it listed.  We are very local and can get most anything you wish! Boat tours, fishing, etc. Let us know!


Report any accidents, theft, or damage to the authorities immediately

A police report at the time of the incident is required in order for any damage claim to be covered by COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW), if chosen, or by Turo insurance.

Call the rental location number to report any roadside issues during business hours. For after hours, please keep all receipts and contact us as soon as possible

Proper registration, roadside, and insurance information are in the glove compartment

Smoking is prohibited and will result in a $300 fine and the loss of rental privileges

Mileage is limited on most contracts. Make sure to ask the rental agent for details

All drivers must provide a valid driver’s license at the time of the rental. Absolutely no unauthorized drivers

All vehicles are equipped with tracking devices. Any tampering or removal of the devices are reported instantly. A fine of up to $250 will be charged

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